June 29th 2011

In June, we experiment with a more social, longer and less structured meeting. Skills Matter have agreed to support us in this experiment, so on June 29th we have a room for the entire afternoon. We have scheduled two 45 minute talks, left a lot of time before and after the talks for networking and left an openspace session for discussions that people think of on the spot.

The next meeting will then be on June 29th, starting from 13:30. The first talk will be by David Dunn from DisplayLink about automated testing complex asynchronous systems, and the second talk will be by John Cobo on how British Airways approaches coverage from a functional testing perspective.

The event will take place at the Skills Matter Exchange in central London, starting from 1:30 PM on June 29. The event is free to attend, but up-front registration is required. register here.

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